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Books from Crazy Diamond:

film and video

  • Take These Broken Wings A film by Daniel Mackler. This astonishing film charts the full recovery of two women from diagnoses of schizophrenia. Renew is selling authorized copies of this film and organising showings with discussion to interested groups.

Video material that we are using at our meetings to stimulate debate can be found on YouTube from the following contributors:

  • Straight talking John Breeding normalises “symptoms” and offers great hope and direction.
  • Sean Blackwell looks at his own overwhelming process and finds great meaning in it.
  • Pema Chodrun is a feisty Buddhist nun offering strong suggestions as to how we can transform our outlook on challenges and pain.
  • Stan Grof looks at the transpersonal and healing power of non-ordinary states of mind.


Web sites relating to non-medical treatment of distress; spiritual emergency; “overwhelm” and “renewal”. Click on the links in blue.


There are two types of material in this section. There are articles from Renew that reflect our evolving collective outlook. There are also articles from others that we feel broadly share our outlook and that we have found helpful in framing our experiences in the context of renewal and transformational crisis. We are trying to become ever more aware of how the language that we use to describe distress is important in framing our life experiences in their proper context. We are still struggling around this, as new ideas may require several words to replace one old one, and our early attempts seem cumbersome at times. We are pressing ahead to try to develop a new language that reflects a new vision. In our own articles we are doing our best to change our language in line with our new outlook. In the articles by others that we carry here, we understand that they too are struggling to get new ideas across and they may have made decisions that the old language is the most direct route to understanding, particularly in the context of a short article. we do not use the term “mental illness” because we do not see distress in that context. We are trying to adopt the term “overwhelm” for very challenging states of being, whether this is prolonged and/or severe low mood (currently called depression) or a state of mind involving unremitting and chaotic visionary experiences or voices. As with much in Renew, our change of language is a work-in-progress. We would like to promote dialogue on this issue. We also take the view that while our own and others’ articles are imperfect in their language, we are all exploring valuable new ways of looking at our experiences and finding ways towards health, peace and wholeness. Click on the links in blue.